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shipping container for storage in cumbria

Our customer left matters to the last minute late on a Saturday evening - while our telephone line diverted to our estates manager after she telephoned for immediate storage, we immediately sprang into action arriving specially on site, arranged a shipping container for her household removal contents and the end result :  A happy and satisfied customer.

two businessmen at a meeting

A commercial tenant needed quick yard storage for a project, as there exsisting site was being developed by their owner - we were able to offer an immediate solution subject to minor ground works, and offer an affordable but quick solution to the tenants needs after consultation. 

a lorry on a depot

A temporary term of storage by a utility company required an unexpected extension - this was no problem, after a small site meeting, an extension was agreed that suited all parties, and the end result was a satisfied customer.

a removals van on a storage facility

A removals company required additional storage containers at short notice, and needed to acess them on a 24/7 basis with various members of staff requiring access. This wasn't a problem for us, with an effective system set up to handle this parameter.

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