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an open storage container unit for self storage

Insurance for self storage

Obtaining insurance for self storage is not difficult with our dedicated insurance service. You may not be covered with your household insurance policy. But we are able to provide cover via a specialist insurance company that is carried out on line. We can guide you through this process on site via your smart phone.

We provide a non compulsory insurance option. We are fully aware your contents are of paramount importance whilst in our care, therefore we offer you a fully backed insurance option. This is your own unique insurance company backed policy.

Unlike certain storage companies, we DO NOT INSIST you take out insurance but offer and suggest it for your peace of mind to ensure your storage experience is a happy one. Costs vary depending on the value of your items.

Should you need to insure, this can be done at any time during your storage stay with us, and price depends on the value of your contents. You can stop and start the insurance whenever you wish.

Insurance pricing starts from just a few pounds per week on average, based on £10,000 of cover.

Happy storing with us!

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